Monday, March 18, 2013


This weekend I got a taste of a genuine Danish short family vacation to Lalandia. Lalandia is a family resort on the southern island of Denmark called Lolland. It has an indoor waterpark, movie theater, restaurants, and even goats. I was quite possibly the only American there all weekend and I couldn't have been happier. It was nice relaxing with my host family and getting a true immersion experience. I can guess that not many other DIS students have been treated to Lalandia like I was. My favorite part was getting to spend quality time with my family away from home. I've never been a big brother so it was fun having my younger 'siblings' wanting to show me all around the waterpark and play in the water with them. My favorite part of the Aquadome, as its called, was a waterslide that went outdoors. The water was extremely cold at first and outside there was even ice along the edges, but once you got used to it, the slide was a blast. It was a new experience for me because it was a legitimate slide, but essentially without any rules. So the result was people caroming down the slide five at a time, bumping into one another going backwards, sideways, feet first, headfirst and any which way. My host brother Jonas and I had some battles of who could make it down first and I have my fair share of bumps and bruises to prove it. The real test at the end of the slide was to swim through the frigid water to the outdoor hot tub; a rewarding experience for those who braved the cold. All in all I feel even more a part of the family to the point that I'm included in the some of the friendly sibling teasing now; in English and Danish.

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