Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hump Day

Yesterday I had a busy Wednesday. First up was a guided tour of Parken, the stadium that FC Kobenhavn calls home. Going in, Geena and I completely failed to take into consideration that the tour would be all Danes. So when the tour guide asked a question that ended with 'danske', I was that awkward American who says, "I speak English..." Fortunately, every time the guide gave his spiel in Danish and we headed to the next location, he provided us with the abridged version in English. The stadium was really cool, yet surprisingly minimalist, given that I think it's the largest stadium in Denmark. The home locker room wasn't anything to write home about aside from the hot tub (there wasn't even a team logo anywhere), but it makes sense given the Danish mindset of simplicity. After visiting the stadium, I can't wait to return to see a real game.

Later on in the evening I attended Dans2Go at Det Kongelige Teater (Royal Theater) with my Danish Language class. As we were searching for our seats it was with much surprise that we discovered that our seats were in the second row. This meant I had to be a lot more discrete eating my mini O2 cookies during the show. The ballet/modern dance performance was broken into three parts and each one featured dancers moving their bodies in directions and positions I don't believe they are intended to be in. While I may not be a dance enthusiast and I wasn't a big fan of the second act which featured eight men and no musical accompaniment, I could appreciate the hard work and dedication that these people put on display for a packed audience.

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