Monday, February 11, 2013

Month in Review

Today marks the beginning of my fifth week here in Denmark. The time has flown by but it's not like I've just been hibernating with my Netflix account like I do in winter in Vermont. So what exactly have I done the past 4 weeks? (Including what I did the past few days.)

-Visited 3 different royal palaces: Fredensborg, Christiansborg and Frederiksborg
     -Visited the queen's quarters in Christiansborg Slot
     -Toured the elaborate interior of Frederiksborg Slot

-Visited 2 museums: ARoS and nationalmuseet
-Ate a plethora of new foods: leverpostej, curry herring, Danish rye bread, mackerel in tomato sauce, frikadeller, an assortment of pork lunchmeats, plus many more and even some calf's tongue
-Visited the western cities of Aarhus and Odense
-Mastered the art of building open-faced sandwiches and eating everything with a fork and knife
-Visited numerous architecturally astonishing churches
-Met Swedes in Helsingor
-Made friends from all over the US
-Essentially got adopted into a new family here in Denmark
-Played handball with Danish children
-Learned the ins and outs of the Copenhagen public transportation system
-Bought an FCK scarf
-Tried a bunch of tasty new beers, schnapps, and licorice (and banana?!) flavored liquors
-Tried Danish candy; made my family try American candy
-Started learning the complex language that is Danish
-Wandered around aimlessly
-Climbed rundtaarn
-Adapted to waking up earlier than 10AM for class
-Stopped a blind man from falling onto the train tracks
-Ate shawarma
-Made brownies
-Listened to Danish music
-Got my fix of soccer and handball on TV
-And of course I went to class Mom

I went back to Frederiksborg Slot to go inside it this time:
Frederiksborg Slot in white

Just inside the slot

My new little sisters

The church inside the slot

One of many intricate ceilings

My Danish family minus Jonas

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