Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Little Things

When I first arrived in Denmark, everything was so different that it was hard to pinpoint the small, minute differences between my homeland and Denmark. Now that I've spent some time here, I offer a random list of things I've noticed and thought were interesting:

-Blockbusters still exist here
-7Eleven is expensive: a small slushy costs over $3
-Baresso is the Starbucks of America/Dunkin Donuts of New England
-Netto (the most common grocery store) doesn't stock what I would consider standard dry stick deodorant
-Shawarma at a kebab shop is a better deal than McDonald's
-those biking hand signals we learned in elementary school are actually used
-New Jersey stereotypes exist overseas. Store clerk: Where are you visiting from? New Jersey. Oh like the Sopranos. Yes... just like that.
-teenagers wear snap back hats of teams they couldn't name one player on. BONUS: if the kid wearing the Utah Jazz hat on the street could find Utah on a map, I would give him a cookie. DOUBLE BONUS: the team I have seen represented the most is the NBA team formerly known as the Charlotte Hornets, who are now the New Orleans Hornets, who are soon to be the New Orleans Pelicans.
-you can get Ben and Jerry's here... and it's even more expensive (about $10.50 a pint)
-magazine covers with gratuitous nudity are permitted on the shelves right along with the rest of the magazines
-nobody cares about baseball
-the only sports magazine here is GOAL
-they have a different definition of a "not very strong" beer
-nobody picks up dog poop on the sidewalk
-licorice is the flavor of choice for candy and even liquor
-based on sound and without understanding 98% of the words, some of the music would make it on the radio in the US if we knew about it; and some of the songs are good and also in English
-movies come out way later here
-nobody makes small talk on the train; although nobody really makes small talk on trains in America either
-Pandora doesn't work
-all the buildings look cooler and the sidewalks are cobblestone
-the crows aren't all black: they have gray and are called hooded crows I believe
-the pigeons still only move if you get within inches of them
-scarves are a necessity
-did I mention that you can find Blockbusters in business here?

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