Saturday, February 2, 2013

Klasse Fest, Frederiksborg Slot and More

The past two days have been jam packed with various activities and such.

After class on Friday night I went to Klasse Fest with my host family. It was a potluck dinner and gym activities for my two little twin sisters here. All the food everyone brought was delicious, especially the frikadeller of course. After dinner we played different games as a whole group. As the only American there (technically there was a woman who was originally from the US but has lived in Denmark for 16 years so she doesn't count) it was a little overwhelming at first. But of course, games are games regardless of where you're from so it was really fun. We played a game of tag where when you got tagged you formed a growing chain of people as well as a game similar to ball tag where if you got hit with the ball you had to remove one limb until you were hopping around with one leg and your arms behind your back. During this game, I had a little 'confrontation.' When I got hit with the ball I put my left arm behind my back instead of my right and apparently this was unfair. Given my miniscule knowledge of Danish so far, I could only stand there helplessly with the wrong arm behind my back as I was berated by a 10 year old boy. The best part was that I got to test out my handball skills. Applying my goalie experience from water polo, I thought I'd give it a go in net and I experienced mixed results. I let in more goals to children than I'd like to admit but afterward my host brother assured me that I was actually pretty good.

This afternoon I toured Frederiksborg Slot in Hillerod with my host family minus the kids. The castles around here never cease to amaze me. There's nothing like them in the US so they're always unreal. This castle in particular was built mostly in the 17th century and Christian 4 used it as his home. Claus told me that the king would use a small island in the lake around the castle to have parties with women. When the queen became suspicious she rowed over to the island only to find no women because the king had seen her coming and rowed them away in the opposite direction. After the castle I got my first real taste of Danish pizza. I was not disappointed, although it was strange for me to eat my Hawaiian pizza with a knife and fork. Then we went to the mall in Hillerod to find chocolate chips at the Bilka. The mall was pretty standard sized despite Maiken being convinced that every mall in America had to be much larger. The Bilka was like a mix between a Target and a grocery store. After some heavy digging we found chocolate chips and unfortunately along the way Claus got the idea of making me try calf's tongue for dinner one night. It didn't look very appetizing but I trust that Maiken's a good enough cook to make it eatable. 

Bonus: My parents sent me candy from the US that you would never find here so I could let my family try it. Last night I had them try Nerds Rope. It was much sweeter than the candy they're used to but they still liked it; at least they said they did.

Frederiksborg Slot

I didn't know they outsourced from Jersey. (This is not where we ate)

My Danish Hawaiian pizza

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