Monday, January 28, 2013

Things I Learned Today

1. With a little effort I can successfully give someone directions on how to get somewhere in Copenhagen.
I met two students who were studying in Denmark and spending the day in Copenhagen because they study way out of the way from the city somewhere. They came up to me asking for directions, either because I'm clearly an American or they just took a shot in the dark and got lucky. Their maps were confusing and I struggled a bit but I think I sent them in the right direction. Hopefully they found their bus stop.

2. Buying a Polo shirt in Copenhagen is an investment.
During my free time today I wandered around a mall in the city and inside was a Polo Ralph Lauren store. A solid color polo shirt was 999dk or roughly 180USD. I guess this means that when I wear my green Polo shirt I got for 20 bucks at the outlet store I look like a high roller.

3. A Danish language professor will embarrass you in front of everyone.
Fortunately, that person was not me. Today in class we were learning about when in a sentence a word like not or also appears. Every time ikke (not) or også (also) is used, it comes third in the order of the sentence after the subject and verb. When a girl continued to mess up the order our professor asked her point blank if she could count to three; not as a joke. She won't be volunteering an answer again any time soon. I have been assured that this is not typical of Danes and not reflective of the population.

4. It's nice to get a taste from home at your home away from home.
I've been trying all kinds of foods since I arrived in Denmark that Americans don't traditionally eat. One thing that I haven't had in the two weeks since I got here, though, is peanut butter. That is, until I came home to this tonight:

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