Saturday, January 19, 2013

Skum Bananer

First of all: happy birthday to my dad back in America.

The past two days have been relatively uneventful with classes starting and everything. I continue to have delicious Danish meals, including my first taste of a pork dish that you leave the skin on. It gets super crunchy and is tasty to bite into. For dessert the other night I tried my first Skum Bananer, which is like a banana flavored marshmallow Peep dipped in chocolate. Needless to say it was awesome.

On another note, I discovered the MTV UK version of the Jersey Shore over here: the Geordie Shore. As disgraceful a show as Jersey Shore is, Geordie Shore is arguably twice as obnoxious and the banter even less understandable.

One last thing: I'm starting to learn the full extent of Danish humor here. When I asked my host dad when the queen would be coming to town in April, he responded with, "I'm not sure. As a child I was vaccinated against common knowledge."  Just one of the many funny things that come out of Danes' mouths.

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