Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jeg kommer fra USA

Today was my first day of classes here in Copenhagen. It started it off with my Danish language course so I was able to learn some more phrases to practice with my host family right off the bat. Last night we had the activities immersion fair. I was disappointed to find out that handball wasn't available and the water polo club wasn't there. I did, however, get to eat my first Danish hot dog which was arguably better than any you'd find at the ballpark back home. I've really got a handle on the transportation system by now and having an 'all zoner' pass is already coming in handy, as I was able to visit Hannah from St. Mike's at her DIS residential housing without having to worry about whether my pass was valid for that area.

Last night I also had my first frikadeller, or Danish meatballs. They were delicious and I got to have a few of the leftover ones in my lunch today. With the meatballs I had red cabbage, which I didn't expect to enjoy but was pleasantly surprised by its added fresh citrus flavors. After dinner I relaxed with my host dad Claus and host brother Jonas and showed each other some Youtube videos we liked, including some of the rollercoasters we like to ride back home.

The night before I was able to get a crash course in Danish history from Claus. I learned about Hamlet's castle in Helsingør, which isn't too far from my house and also Holger the Danske, who will rise from the dead if Denmark is ever under the threat of attack. There's many other things to write about but only so little time before I have another new experience. One last little fun fact: I found How I Met Your Mother on the TV last night between watching the Denmark vs. Iceland handball match and Barca vs. Malaga. Unfortunately it was on the German channel and had no English subtitles.

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