Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Today I had two firsts: my first wienerbrod with the family for breakfast (it's what you'd call a Danish). Also, this afternoon I took my first trip to Fredensborg Slot with Claus. Yes, there's a castle less than a mile walk from my house. The only people living there now are there to maintain it, but in April the royal family, including the queen of Denmark will come to live there for the spring and summer. We'll be there to welcome her with fakler, which poorly translates to torches. (With the translation differences, at first I thought we would be angrily gathering around the palace with torches, but instead it is a welcoming celebration with torches; something we don't have in the states.) Here's some pictures of the days festivities.
Not a bad way to start off the morning
This way to the slot
Main street of Fredensborg

Where the guard goes when it rains

Fredensborg Slot

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