Monday, January 14, 2013

A List aka I Can't Think of a Title

My first cliche Nyhavn picture

Bikes everywhere

How sad.
Much has happened in the past 48 hours. It's hard to believe that I've really only been here that long. Here's a quick list of notable things that have happened most recently.
 -I had my first Danish beer: Tuborg Julebryg, a special Christmas beer with a hint of caramel.
 - I took the train for the first time here. It was a smooth procedure, not much unlike the DC Metro, except they don't always check that you have your pass. I guess Danes are more trustworthy.
 -The only difficulty I had with the trains was finding the station in town at the end of the day but the first person I asked led me in the right direction.
 -Apparently nobody believes me when I say that my fleece North Face jacket is plenty warm enough in freezing temperatures. I'll be sure to bring gloves and a hat tomorrow, though. 3 hours in the cold can take a toll on your ears.
 -Today we did a DIS version of DIS. We walked around the city much of the day and learned about some famous landmarks. Not many people were walking around the city, they were all on bikes.
 -Finally, my host family's cat is very unique. He is trained like a dog. If you put a chair at the dinner table for him he will sit there politely, calmly watching everyone enjoy their meal. He doesn't try to take food from the table or even beg for some. Also, when he wants to go outside he taps the doorframe with his paw and when he wants to come back in he stands in the window and taps on it. He's more dog than cat, really.

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